A Controversial Ruling: Now What?

Source: A Controversial Ruling: Now What?

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URGENT UPDATE! Saeed Abedini, American imprisoned in Iran ‪#‎savesaeed‬ ‪#‎freesaeed‬

Urgent prayers needed!!!!!!!!



(Voice of the Persecuted) URGENT UPDATE: The family of Pastor Saeed Abedini is asking us to PRAY!
This evening an Iranian news outlet reported that Iran’s Intelligence police took Saeed to the Central Intelligence Office at 9:30 am, Iranian time, which would be 18 hours ago.

The family is not aware of his location or why they have taken him there. They are believing God for a miracle, and Saeed’s release. Please join us and the Abedini family in praying that they are meeting with him to discuss his release.
The family thanks you and very grateful for your continued prayers and support!!

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Dollars for Missionaries! – Gospel for Asia

These missionaries I’m seeking to raise funds deserve your support. Unlike Western missionaries, they themselves are poor and are likely to know the language of the people they want to reach. These native missionaries face the constant threat of persecution from those who would silence them. Yet they have a passion for the cause of Christ that keeps them going. The people they long to reach have usually not heard the Gospel or the Name of Jesus. The families of these missionaries usually are often poor and these missionaries often must face periods of separation from their failies. All donation $$$ go directly to the field to equip these missionaries until they find regular sponsors for themselves. If you agree that everyone needs to hear the Gospel and and you want to be part of what God is doing through these selfless missionaries, I call on you to consider a generous gift. No amount is too small or too big to help!

Source: Dollars for Missionaries! – Gospel for Asia

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Two Missing Children, Nyleen Kay Marshall & Wyatt Cole Littlelight

This post spotlights two missing children, whose cases are long-term cases. They are not what we would call high-profile cases. But every missing child, whatever her family income or situation, age, gender, whether missing for a few hours or for years, high-profile or low-profile, deserves to be found. And every family deserves to see their missing loved one be brought home to them. Looking carefully at these two posters and then sharing this post can help bring these two children home.

Source: Two Missing Children, Nyleen Kay Marshall & Wyatt Cole Littlelight

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I Welcome Your Prolife Guest Posts!

This sums of what this site and I are all about.

This sums of what this site and I are all about.

I’m seeking prolife guest posts.

I need your prolife stories. I know that not everyone is comfortable sharing about their personal lives, especially in a public forum. This is an appeal to those of you who want to share your stories and are comfortable doing this. I need posts especially from those of you who have faced crisis pregnancies, who have adopted children, or have had abortions and are healed from them. I’m also looking for stories from men or grandparents (parents of the aborted mom) who have also been affected by abortion and have worked through it. I would also welcome posts from pregnancy resource center directors or other pregnancy resource centers workers.

Your voices all matter, no matter from where you have been on the abortion issue.

I welcome guest posts from those of you who had started out as supporting abortion but ending up becoming prolife, and what this process was like for you. Your stories and experiences would add another dimension to this blog, plus it would free me up to work on my self-hosted website and focus on posting there as well as doing guest posts for exposure.

If you do a guest post, I would prefer it to be original but I will accept it if it was published elsewhere.

Let it be about 700 words to 1000 words. This is approximately a good page.

Write a short bio about yourself, with an image. If it is not yours, give proper attribution.

Send your document to me in pdf form or via email, to ldesherl@gmail.com in open text form. I cannot copy/paste anything sent as a Word document, so please do not send me a Word attachment.

I’m looking forward to receiving and sharing your stories!

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The Prolife Message of the Christmas Season

This post uses the familar Christmas story and seeks to pick it apart, through analyzing Mary’s pregnancy as a truly crisis pregnancy by any standards and her brave and willing choice for life concerning her Son. This post seeks to show that our choices, especially life and death choices as in crisis pregnancies, have a powerful impact on society. The profound impact of Mary’s life-affirming choice does not even need to be re-terated here. To see things this way, however, we need to be armed with the attitude that our choices do indeed matter!

Source: The Prolife Message of the Christmas Season

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Let’s Get the Petition 4 Prolife funds to 400 Signatures!

Source: Let’s Get the Petition 4 Prolife funds to 400 Signatures!

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Missing Beth Elise Matthews & Missing Tim Potter

Yes, I will say it over and over, every blog I write is written from a prolife, Christian worldview. This does not mean that every post will be specically about the unborn and their right to life. I know that many prolifers seem to think that the prolife message should focus only on that. This post focuses on two already born people who are missing and, like the unborn, are in no position to speak up for themselves. This is about being consistently prolife because all lives matter and these two people have families who miss them and want to bring them home.

Source: Missing Beth Elise Matthews & Missing Tim Potter

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Pregnant? Here’s Help

This is my page that has been set up for anyone who is facing a crisis pregnancy in personal life or in the family or in a partner. Every prolife blog or website should include a page set up to support those facing such pregnancies, and most do. Far too often, the public are familiar with Planned Parenthood, but are not aware of pregnancy resource centers. This must stop. Alternatives to abortion exist, but are not tapped into, often because of ignorance. Abortion is so often seen as the first and only option. If only one girl or women and her baby, are saved from abortion as a result of finding this page, it will be worth it all.

Source: Pregnant? Here’s Help

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Are Prolifers To Be Blamed for the Recent Planned Parenthood Attack?

This post is meant to get all of us who want to boldly defend life from conception to natural death, food for thought about how much of the rehetoric and semantics and the “death” terminology, may have been complicit in what happened at a recent Planned Parenthood shooting, and also at past violent crimes at abortion clinics. We prolifers need to be as concerned with the packaging of the prolife message as we are with delivering it. I’m not talking about slick salesmanship here, either. Abortion is such as heated issue, with so many emotions tied up in it, that we need not add fuel to the fire.

Source: Are Prolifers To Be Blamed for the Recent Planned Parenthood Attack?

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