One Pregnancy Resource Center by Yohanka Reyes



Maybe you are a new friend and don’t know the specifics of what we do at Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center and how we do it. I like to give you a tour and share our CPC with you.

When women, no matter the age, experiencing unplanned pregnancies seeking abortion or in a crisis that leads to “that option” come through our doors, we provide them with counseling before and after the pregnancy test or ultrasound, whichever one is suitable for the case.

We then, build a case plan, according to the girl’s situation in order to help her overcome the crisis that it’s leading to consider an abortion. We set goals and make referrals immediately for Pre-Natal medical attention, WIC, Housing or any immediate needs resource.

We provide them with Pre-Natal vitamins and Children Vitamins in the case they have other children. A Welcome Baby gift bag, when they chose Life, that’s is full of baby goodies is given.

We also provide them with an envelope that contains, our daily schedule, details on how to earn Baby Bucks (what they use to buy baby and maternity items at our Baby Mart). They can earn for participating in Parenting, Breastfeed, Childbirth, Life Skills, Nutrition, Budgeting, Abstinence and a variety of other educational classes. Most classes consist of a video, discussion, work sheet and homework. They earn extra for their homework.
They also earn for achieving goals, punctuality, volunteering, follow up with referrals, etc. They earn double when the Dad’s get involved in all of the above, as a way of rewarding family unity.

They also recipe a list of prices at Baby Mart, items are sell with Baby Bucks from $.25 to $10.
We serve them through out their pregnancy and up to one year after the Baby is born. During that time we prepare them not only to be responsible and equipped parents but also to go back to work or to school.

We also offer Daddy’s Program. My husband Pete is in charge of that program and he provide the young fathers many life skills, fellowship and counseling.

Extra resources are an annual Baby Shower for a Group of our girls, those closed to give birth during the schedule event. The last two year have been sponsored by God’s Grace Ministry.

We also feed them in Thanksgiving, last year we did a banquet for them the previous years my husband and I have delivered hot meals to every one of our family in need of it on Thanksgiving Day. We also celebrate Christmas with them and provide a meal and toys give away. Last year was sponsored by Stranahan High School who provided over 150 shoe boxes for the kids of our clients.

We partner directly with Salvation Army and 211 hotline for shelters referrals and Joseph’s Storehouse for food along with many other Social Services.

We provide Life Style Counseling to those clients with negative pregnancy test and referrals.
Tomorrow will be our first Post Abortion Counseling as well.

We have a playground and air conditioner inside play station for the children of our clients to have have a space while Mom is receiving our services. We also have a meditation garden that we use on collet days to counsel and that they can use to spend sometime and reflect.

Every year a anonymous donor, she will kill me if I mentioned her, donates Easter and Christmas Dresses for all our little girls and gift cards for Payless Shoes or Sears for bavk to school.

We also have individual donors who provide financially or mail us gift cards and other gifts donated ,to be used as reward for participation in series of classes, we raffle those one at a time within the participants.
Hope you local ones can visit our Center sometime. For those of you who live far I hope this helps to understand what we do.

Since our work for the unborn is never too much my husband and I also do sidewalk counseling as time permits. Sometimes we just stop by the abortion clinics and pray.

Maybe you don’t have a specific ministry you help wether financially, volunteering, tangible gifts, diapers drive, etc and you are led to support us. We surely appreciate every help, what may be small to you is huge for us. We help between 7-10 girls a day by percentage. Our staff salaries are right now covered by a Life Affirming Grant and therefore we can assure you that every cent you donate will go directly to client’s services. We have 4 staff one full time and 3 part times. Not that is wrong for those who doesn’t have any other venues to get a salary off contributions but it’s just not our case, and for that we are forever grateful to God.
Here is our address and our PayPal do whatever the Lord place in your heart.
2516 SW 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315



All these photos are provided courtesy of St. Louis Pregnancy Resource Center, a nonprofit that I am not a partner of or affiliated with.

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Now, More Than Ever, Pray For Pastor Saeed Abedini Imprisoned In Iran


Unfortunately, the the releases of the four Americans in Iran seems nowhere in sight. Iran’s prisons are said to be tough prisons. I cannot understand why seemingly no effort is being made by our U.S. government, to get them out. This article focuses on only one of those four Americans, but each of the needs to be brought home to be with their families. If you are a follower of Jesus, Keep them in your prayers.

Originally posted on VOICE OF THE PERSECUTED:


(Voice of the Persecuted) In light of allegations made public by a Christian News agency, we at Voice of the Persecuted want to inform you that we still stand with our brother, American Pastor Saeed Abedini who, in one of the worst prisons in Iran, is being persecuted through extreme physical/psychological torture by the Iranian government for his refusal to deny Jesus Christ and his Christian faith. We ask that you continue to join us in praying for our brother’s release, waning health and for his faith to endure all tests and intense trials that he will face. Pray he will continue to boldly proclaim the Gospel, sharing the message and love of Christ with the lost. Pray he will remain focused on our God and feels the presence of the Lord helping him to carry this cross. Please continue to pray for his family.

A note of discernment:

Many of…

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Dear Friend Facing A Crisis Pregnancy

Abortion Is Not Your Only Option

Abortion Is Not Your Only Option

To all the girls and women who are facing crisis pregnancies and to well as to their parents, boyfriends, spouses, and doctors:

You suspect or learn that you are pregant.

You did not plan it. You may have a houseful of children and feel unable to handle one more.

You may be living with an abusive boyfriend and husband.

You may have no money, no job, no place of your own, or reliable transportation.

You may have learned that your baby has a prenatal diagnosis, such as Down’s Syndrome.

You may have a medical condition of your own that could be worsened by pregnancy.

You may be a teenager and terrified of letting your parents know of your condition.

You may even have been raped and find out that you are pregnant also.

Pregnancy is normally seen as a positive thing, as it results in the creation and in nine months, the birth of new life. New life is seen as a sign of hope, promise, and second chances. It is a tangible reminder that God still has plans for this human race.

If you are dealing with a crisis pregnancy, however, the pregnancy is often seen as less than a blessing because the circumstances society says must be in place to have children, are not all in place.

Society says that your baby must be planned.

Society says that you should want your baby.

Society says that you should have financial stability and freedom.

Society says that your baby must be healthy.

Society says that you must be healthy.

You may believe that society is right when it tells you these things and that if conditions are not ideal during your pregnancy, that the first and most obvious option is terminating your pregnancy, or abortion. When I was facing a high-risk pregnancy years ago (because of Marfan’s Syndrome, epilepsy and my age) the word abortion came up early in the pregnancy when I was not even facing any complications. I was offered prenatal testing and the word abortion again came up.

So I can see why you may see abortion as your obvious option. If you are thinking along those lines, it is because society has convinced you that you cannot have a baby and that you do not have what it takes. I’m sure that you may be unaware that you have options and that you do not have to turn to abortion to deal with your crisis pregnancy.
I know people who have terminates their pregnancies, usually because of family pressure.

You may have told the significant others in your life and you may have not. You may rightly believe that you should listen to your parents, your spouse, your boyfriend, your doctor. We do have the Scriptural mandate to obey our parents if we are living under their roofs, and we should consider the likes and dislikes of the important people in our lives. In the case of pregnancy, though, you are carrying a new life, and science alone shows us that it begins at conception becaus all the DNA is present even then–all the materials that make us all that we will become in life. So should you listen to them if they pressure you into abortion, which is not just terminating your pregnancy but taking your baby’s life?

You do not have to turn to abortion. You have other options.

If you terminate your pregnancy, you this is an action you cannot undo. Ever. So I plead with you to please check the sites or webpages below. You will find toll-free, 24/7 numbers, text message addresses, and information to locate local help that is free, confidential, safe, and empowering.

I’m praying for you!

Find A Local Prenancy Center

Find Help Here

Outside the US? You may find help here

when-you-stand-for-what-is-right-you-will-not-be-alone.png ONLINE FOR LIFE

This second photo is provided courtesy of Online for Life, a public charity I am not a partner of or affiliated with.

Contact Me

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Being Prolife and Contraception

    This meme simply asserts the truth (born out by science and asserted in the Bible) that life begins at conception. This should guide all our choices.

    This meme simply asserts the truth (born out by science and asserted in the Bible) that life begins at conception. This should guide all our choices.

    Birth control. Contraception.

    These issues are controversial even in the prolife community. Positions exist on a spectrum from those who oppose abortion but support contraceptive use, in the belief that the use of contraceptives greatly reduce abortions. Then there are prolife people who oppose hormonal contraception but support barrier methods of contraception. Then there are those who oppose all contracption, exception Natural Family Planning because of the deeply held belief that hormonal contraception causes early abortion, that barrier methods are artificial, and that the issue is not preventing all pregnancies but being open to life, always.

    So how are we who call ourselves prolife to sort all this out?

    Contraceptives: Overview of How They Work

    It is widely assumed that contraceptives work to prevent conception. There are barrier methods of contraception, which include condoms and spermicides. There are many hormonal contraceptives, which include the classic birth control pill, the progestin mini-pill, the intraunterine device (IUD), the diaphragm, Norplant, and more. It is the second class, hormonal contraceptives, that spark controversy in the prolife community. Many staunchly prolife people, including devoted and serious Catholics, hold that hormonal contraceptives can and do act as abortifaciants (having prperties that induce early abortions of embryos) and do not stop conception but interrupt implantation. Implantation is considered to happen a week after conception. Thus, according to this school of thought, hormonal contraceptives are no more that “drugstore abortions” and are morally unacceptable if you believe that life begins at conception. However, even many prolife people support and use hormonal contraceptives, many probably unaware of this controversy.

    My Experience

    In my childbearing years, I rarely used any hormonal contraceptives. I only did once. For much of my childbearing years, I had quite irregular periods and I was using a clinic as my primary care provider. The GYN I was seeing at the time thought I should use the progestin mini-pill (as opposed to the traditional estrogen/progesterone) birth control pill. As this clinic was affiliated with a prolife Catholic hospital, I do not remember questioning this or having any moral questions about it. I knew others, including prolife people and people of faith, who used hormonal contraceptives. I know of one person who conceived when using birth control pills, which resulted in medical problems for the child when born. I did not use the mini-pill for long. One day, I received a box of book club edition books. One of the books included THE CHRISTIAN WOMAN’S GUIDE TO PERSONAL HEALTH CARE, by Debra Evans. It is a book discussing women’s gynecological care from a Bibical point of view. It was in this book that I became aware of the moral issues with hormonal contraceptives and the risks of their causing early abortions. I was saddened that I was using the mini-pill, even for a short time. Yet I believed that if hormones had to be used for some female medical problems, that they could be justifed as no death was intended. That is especially true if the woman is not sexually active. One big reason many prolife people and especiallly Christians, discourage contraceptives, is because their use causes youth and even older single persons, to think sexual intercourse can be indulged in with no consequences.

    Controversies Over Contraception

    The controversies over contraceptives rage on. I’m sure most of us can remember the case of Hobby Lobby refusing to dispense any hormonal contraceptives to their female customers. I know that this sparked anger and controversy, even in my family who support all contraceptive use. Most recently, I have been visting Abby Johnson’s Facebook page. Abby Johnson, a former Director of the Texas Planned Parenthood, is a staunch prolife advocate who has a huge and devoted following in the prolife community. Johnson opposes all contraception, favoring natural family planning only which is the only acceptable form of family planning among those like her and others of her school of thought. Among the prolife followers on her page when she posted against hormonal contraception, were those who supported it, said so and Johnson showed her displeasure with them. Are Abby Johnson, Debra Evans, and many others who oppose all hormonal contraception correct, even in the medical use of them during the childbearing years?


    With all due respect for prolife advocates, there is no need to take their word about this matter. I have done my own independent research on oral contraceptives. From what I have gleaned, it would seem that there is little chance of these hormonal contraceptives causing early abortions. But the fact that I know even one person who became pregnant on birth control, shows that these hormonal contraceptives have potential of acting as abortifacients. The worst offender, according to THE PILL BOOK, is the mini-pill, which is unreliable in preventing conception but it prevents an embryo from implanting. Also, there are serious health risks to women who use these contraceptives, including an increased risk of cancer and heart disease. The risks are highest of all for women who combine smoking and birth control pills. It is because of the risks to both babies and women who use hormonal contraceptives, that they should not be used unless a doctor deems it absolutely vital to control serious female conditions. There may be alternatives to even those. As for those, especially minors and unmarried people, I discourage them for the simple reason that contraceptives encourage irresponsible use of the sex drive without consideration of the consequences.

    This is Abby Johnson’s pamphlet.

    Abby Johnson Pamphlet on Hormonal Contraception

    Check out THE PHYSICIAN”S DESK REFERENCE or THE PILL BOOK at your local library. Do your own independent research and decide for yourself.

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Need We Be Republican and Conservative to Be Prolife?

This meme underscores the reality (as I see it) that being prolife is not (or should not) a political issue but a human rights issue in the same way that others are.

This meme underscores the reality (as I see it) that being prolife is not (or should not) a political issue but a human rights issue in the same way that others are.

Vote prolife. What does this normally translate to?

The other day, on a prolife page, someone posted that we who identify as prolife should “Vote prolife.” Someone commented, “Vote Republican!” Do we have to identify as Republican or as conservative to respect that all life is sacred and is to be protected, from conception to natural death?

The Problem

Generally speaking, the Republican Party is seen as the “prolife party” while there are some Republican leaders and I’m sure many Republican voters, who identify as “prochoice” at least about “exceptions.” The Democratic Party, generally speaking, is considered the “prochoice” and even outright “proabortion” party. Yet there are prolife Democrats who serve in Congress and I’m sure there are many Democratic everyday citizens, who are prolife or at least want to limit abortions more or less. Kristen Day, the head of Democrats for Life, an organization, calls prolife Democrats “the silenced majority.” Likewise, abortion and other santity of life issues have created a wedge in the Christian community, with “Conserative Christians” (who typically identify as Republican) focusing on advocating for traditional marriage and the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. “Progressive Christians,” (who typically identify as Democrat) on the other hand, advocate for economic justice, social justice, fair wages and benefits for workers, safety net benefits programs for senior citizens and those with disabilities, assistance for those who are poor, and more. And each side often refuses to listen to the other and concede that the other side is has valid voints worthy of being taken seriously. This is exactly why issues like the sanctity of life and traditional marriage, and on the other side, raising the minimum wage and government benefits for the poor, keep being seen as divisive issues that pit either side againsy each other. This should not be.

My Experience

My experience is that of being raised in a family that was both strongly Democratic and prochoice, and still remain the same way today. When abortion was legalized, I was 13 and I remember reading the article in GOOD HOUSEKEEPING about a girl who was desperate and scared and pregnant, and seeing no options for herself, used a coat hanger to perform an abortion on herself. I felt sorry for her but because of how I was raised, I did not consider the baby she was carrying and I did not know that crisis pregnancy centers existed then. I was convinced of the sanctity of life from conception to death, as far as I remember it, when I was in my early thirties and I began to take God more seriously than I did when I was growing up. For as long as I remember, I knew the circumstances of my conception, that Mom gor pregnant with me when she was 16 but abortion was illegal in 1959, and when my dad found out, he thought he would do an abortion on her (I guess) and he kicked her in the stomach. Her pregnancy and labor and delivery were unpleasant, to say the least. If abortion were legal then, I am sure I would not have drawn my first breath. To this day, Mom remains strongly prochoice and buys into the cultural notions that abortion is a right, a choice and healthcare that should be available to every woman. When I joined churches, I was given the clear message that I could not be prolife and be Democrat, and I could not follow Jesus and be a Democrat, either. One person even had a bumper sticker on his car; it read: “Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.” In congregations we joined, we were made to feel outcasts if we did not identify as Conservative and Republican. This became so acute that it factored into why we left the denomination we were in for so long, and entered a progressive one. Yet, I was not happy with their silence on the unborn and on traditional marriage, and though I still am the denomination, I am uncomfortable with their silence especially about abortion.

Steps In the Right Direction

Yes, I know that a prolife Democrat is unlikely to win a Democratc nomination. As someone pointed out in response to my comment about the need for prolife Democrats, Democratic leaders are paid off by Planned Parenthood. Though it was not noted in her comment, many Republicans have likewise been paid off by the Koch Brothers. Maybe campaign finance reform is in order, but that is another topic for another time. Because prolife Democrats are unlikely to win elections, and they are needed to take abortion out of the political realm and placed in the human rights realm, it is unlikely that abotion will end through any direct prolife legislation. But there are steps in the right direction. 1).Sign or create petitions that eliminate reasons women seek abortions, such as my two petitions, one that calls for more taxpayer funding for women’s services that don’t do abortions, and another that calls on Congress to make a law allowing for the temporary foster care option. Both can be found as pages on this blog. 2).Consider supporting and partnering with Democrats for Life (democratsfor, which works to help get prolife Democrats get elected. 3). When spening time with other prolifers, whether in person or online, do not get into poltical debates that concern the merits of being Republican or conservative vs. the merits of being Democrat or liberal. 4). If you know of anyone who identifies as a prolife Democrat, welcome them warmly into the prolife movement. 5). If you are a parent, don’t give your children the idea that to be prolife they have to identify as Conservative or Republican. 6). Don’t allow the words “prolife” to be synomyms for Conservative or Republican ( ex. prolife, Republican values). 7). If you are a prolife Democrat, defend the unborn from your party and even when you feel you have to vote Republican, consider swing voting, supporting Democrats for Life ( and if you can, run for political office. 8). Take the initiative to reach out to Democrats, including in the government, presenting the prolife message winsomely, through writing to them. 9). If you are a Christian, pray about this issue and for individual Democrats in power. 10. Consider reading PROLIFE FEMINISM: YESTERDAY AND TODAY, edited by Mary Krane Derr, Rachel MacNair, and Linda Naranjo-Huebl; this book’s essays by feminists, Christians, atheists, liberals and LGBT persons, show that believing in the sanctity of life is bigger than one’s politics. You need not limit yourself to these ideas.

The bottom line: Our desire to create a culture that celebrates life from conception to death, transcends political parties or ideologies!

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Take Action! End Abortion


We have another opportunity to protect the unborn by contacting our legislators. The Life At Conception Act would by-pass overturning Roe vs. Wade, allowing Congress to protect the unborn through legislation. Isn’t that how things should be done instead of legislating from the bench?

Originally posted on Watchmen On the Wall Ministries:

The Life at Conception Act will outlaw abortion based on the fact that under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution every person born and preborn has the right to life. This bill also states that human life begins at fertilization or cloning and is protected from that point.

In addition, the life at Conception Act is in accordance with Roe v. Wade, because it defines a preborn child as a person from fertilization or cloning. The majority opinion of Roe v. Wade states that if it is codified in law that the preborn are persons then their lives would be protected under the 14th Amendment.

You can read the text of the Life at Conception Act at

Please contact your Representative urging them to support The Life at Conception Act (H.R. 1091). You can find the contact information for your Representative at

In addition, please contact…

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33 Ways You Can Be Prolife

This sums of what this site and I are all about.

This sums of what this site and I are all about.

There are many different ways that you and I can be prolife.

1). Educate yourself about abortion, adoption, fetal development, euthanasia, various disabilities and other issues surrounding sanctity of human life.

2). Stand up for your prolife convictions in conversation.

3). Sign a prolife petition to not just defund Planned Parenthood, but to move the funds to Planned Parenthood alternatives for women.

4). Sign a prolife petition calling on Congress to make a law allowing those facing crisis pregnancies a three-year temporary foster care option This would not affect adoptive families.

5). Pray for those seeking abortions (by name if possible), abortion workers and for those who have had abortions.

6). If it is for you, do sidewalk counseling, enteating women outside of abortion clinics to choose life for their babies.

7). Support prolife organizations, especially your local pregnancy resource center or organizations that help these centers.

8). Welcome those with disabilitiees. Sign an autism petition calling for diagnostic and support services for all, regardless of ability to pay.

9). If you are in the position to do it, adopt. Consider adopting an older child, one with special needs, or a sibling group.

10). Write prolife letters to you local newspaper Editor.

11). Vote prolife. This does not mean you must vote for Republicans if you believe we need to be consistently prolife but can be a swing voter.

12). Consider volunteering at your local pregnancy resource center.

13). If you can, go to your local Planned Parenthood or other abortion clinics, and simply pray. God answers prayer and has been known to move in powerful ways when prolife people simply pray outside of abortion facilities.

14). If you have a blog or website, link it to resources for those in crisis pregnancies or who have had abortions.
These include: and

15). If you have a blog or website, publish the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which is:1-800-273-TALK (8255). This is a toll-free number.

16). If it is for you, take in foster children. I do not think there is an age limit for this and there is a need for Christ-centered foster care homes.

17). Place prolife bumper stickers on your car wind shield.

18). If you, or a family member, are facing a crisis pregnancy, get to a pregnancy resource center. Visit which is full of info for how to get help and provides a list of all pregnancy resource centers by state.

19). If you know a woman who has chosen life for her baby, encourage her and support her now and after she gives birth.

20). Raise your son to take responsibility for himself and his decisions, which includes taking responsibility for the children he fathers.

21). Instill in your children to respect the sanctity of life from conception till natural death.

22). Consider volunteering at a suicide crisis intervention center.

23). Shun violence as a way of “solving a problem.”

24). Donate maternity clothes, baby clothes, prolife books, or Bibles to your local pregnancy resource center.

25). Give to my campaign to build mobile medical units for pregnancy resource centers and make these centers more accessible to abortion-vulnerable women.

26). If you are in the position to do so, run for political office, especially if you identify as a Democrat. We need more prolife Democrats!

27). Donate prolife books to churches, libraries and schools.

28). Research which businesses donate to abortion facilities and write to these businesses about your convictions.

29). If you are blessed to be in a local church that fights for the unborn, participate in their events and give faithfully to them.

30). Seek to be consistently prolife, not only about the unborn but about people at all stages of development!

31). If your daughter tells you she is pregnant, stand by her! Offer to take her to a Pregnancy Resource Center where they will help her in many ways and stand with her after she gives birth. Be her best ally!

32). If you learn that your son has gotten a girl pregnant, challenge him to take responsibility for the baby he has helped conceived.

33). Consider starting prolife petitions on In California, for example there are cities where pregnancy resource centers have to tell clients about abortion services. Some legislators are calling fo “death with dignity” (another euphemism for euthanasia).

There are many other ways to be life-affirming! You are not restricted to these.

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A Unique Way To Save the Unborn

Save the Storks Stork Bus

Save the Storks Stork Bus

I know that, tomorrow, many prolife persons, serious about ending aborton and advocating for the unborn, will be going to their nearest Planned Parenthood clinics to pray or to protest. I respect that and I wish to join them but I cannot because of a lack of transportation.

But we do not need to protest outside of Planned Parenthood to empower moms to choose life for their babies and save babies.

A charity, Save the Storks, is on a mission to serve pregnancy resource centers all over the US by building Stork Buses, which are mobile medical units that provide ultrasound technology and a setting that is friendly and safe for scared, vulnerable, confused girls and women who face crisis pregnancies. These Stork Buses are mobile medical units that provide a private setting where women can relax, browse on their mobile phones, and receive non-judgmental counseling. These buses part outside of Planned Parenthood facilities and university compuses and anywhere where abortion-vulnerable are most likely to be found. THese Stork Buses take women to pregnancy help centers where they will get support, guidance and resources. If you go to a PLanned Parenthood tomorrow, you may get to see a mobile medical unit!

If we all gave only $1 to $5 to my campaign, we could go a long way to getting closer to the goal of providing Stork buses to park outside of every abortion facility in the US and to assist pregnancy help centers in their lifesaving work of helping moms and dads to choose life for their babies. Many people in crisis pregnancies cannot access pregnancy help centers because their families or significant others will not help them choose life for their babies, or they may not know where these centers are. They may not even be aware that such centers exist, or they live in rural areas or other areas where centers are not available to them. Stork Buses can help fill this lack and make pregnancy help centers far more accessible to abortion-vulnerable persons. Isn’t this what we want?

Below, you can see the beautiful interior of one of their Stork Buses. It is private, so that the woman’s presence in the bus and all that takes place, are 100 percent safe and confidential. Save the Storks has partnered with Mercedes-Benz, to make the best-quality mobile medical units possible. This is all to cause the woman to feel cherished and valued, and to create a relaxed experience of trust. This is to let her know that she is loved as much as the baby she is carrying is loved.

If you agree with this cause, and want to be part of what Save the Storks is doing for moms and their babies, give what you can to this worthy, lifesaving work, even if it is in the $1 to $5 range. Visit to give what you can!

Interior of Save the Storks Stork Bus

Interior of Save the Storks Stork Bus

These photos are provided courtesy of Save the Storks, which I’m raising funds for.

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Martyred in America for Christ


No longer are persecuted Christians “them” or in countries outside the West. If you are one who trusts Jesus as your Savior and Lord, here in American you can lay down your life for the Name of Jesus. It is not something to fear but is an honor. Who knows, maybe some of us will be honored in this way?

Originally posted on VOICE OF THE PERSECUTED:

Christian target

Revelation 6:9

What the Lamb broke the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who has been slain because of the word of God and because of the testimony which they had maintained;

Yesterday, I had a profound sense of sadness regarding the tragedy that came out of Oregon. I had heard about other school shootings, which always saddened me and I offered prayer for those impacted by the tragedy.

But Friday morning, the sadness and sorrow was different. I felt in some way connected to those who had been slain. The sadness was deep, almost overwhelming. I could not explain the profound sorrow that was enveloping me. That is until now.

Martyr-definitionI received word that the gunman targeted Christians at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Eye-witness reports indicated his focus was on Christians.

The gunman, went into a classroom and shot the professor point blank range. When the students dropped on…

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Pastor Saeed’s Wife: Iran Must Stop Holding My Husband as a Hostage for Ransom


This is prolife. It concerns the lives of four imprisoned Americans in Iran, one a pastor imprisoned for his Christian faith. Read it and please SIGN and SHARE the petition it links to at the bottom of this author’s post. Thank you.

Originally posted on VOICE OF THE PERSECUTED:

Rouhani_americans Iran

(ACLJ) Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani is publicly holding American Pastor Saeed Abedini and the other wrongfully imprisoned Americans as hostages, demanding ransom for their freedom.

Yesterday, Rouhani told CNN:

“If the Americans take the appropriate steps and set [a number of Iranians in the United States who are imprisoned] free, certainly the right environment will be open and the right circumstances will be created for us to do everything within our power and our purview to bring about the swiftest freedom for the Americans held in Iran as well. . . .

If the Americans take the appropriate actions vis-a-vis Iranian citizens who are being imprisoned here, then the right atmosphere and environment will be created for reciprocal action perhaps.

This is an absurd and insulting demand, treating Pastor Saeed – who has committed no crime and is merely imprisoned because of his Christian faith – as…

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A nonprofit, Save the Storks, exists to empower pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) to more effectively do their lifesaving work of saving babies through assisting their moms and dads in crisis. The nonprofit does this through providing "Stork Buses" (mobile medical units) complete with the medical and other technlogy and services suitable to the needs of PRC clients. These "stork buses" transport PRC clients to and from the centers. When you give to this campaign, all your donations, 100 percent of them, will go directly to building mobile medical units for PRCs. Will you become part of this lifesaving work? Visit this website and give what you can. No amount is too small to help! Thank you very much for joining in this lifesaving work!
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