Life-Affirming Birthday Wish

Life-affirming birthday wish. You can grant it. Through granting my birthday wish, you can help save lives. Through granting my birthday wish, you can help empower pregnancy resource centers better do their work. Through granting my birthday wish, you can change women’s lives. Through granting my birthday wish, you can help end abortion. Life-Affirming Birthday […]

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We Can Abolish Abortion

We can abolish abortion. In what ways? We can abolish abortion? Many of us have limitations. We may have these in our relationships. In our relationships we can’t go where we please. We many have mobility limitations. We may have only one car per family. We may not be able to drive. We may not […]

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Gianna Aborted…and Lived To Tell About it!

Gianna Aborted…and Lived To Tell about It! is a product review of a prolife classic. Gianna Aborted…and Lived to Tell about it! Structure of This Book Gianna Aborted…and Lived to Tell about It! is now available in trade paperback. I’m reviewing an older, hardback version of the book. The dust jacket of my hardback copy […]

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Trump, Evangelicals, and the Road Ahead

In 1934, at the age of 28, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote a letter to a friend about an upcoming conference that would involve members of churches from several countries and denominations. In this lette…

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Do you know who Buckskin Girl is?

On April 24, 1981, a young woman, was found in a ditch along a highway in near Greenlee Road in Newton Township, Troy, Ohio. She had been strangled to death and she had no shoes on and none were fo…

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Prolifers vs. Abolitionists?

Photo by dmott9 Prolifers vs. abolitionists! Prolifers want change in increments! Abolitionists want revolution! Abolish human abortion now! Abolition not prolife! Abolish abortion; call it murder! Abolish abortion; call it child sacrifice! Abolitionists not prolifers! Prolifers vs. Abolitionists? Prolifers vs. abolition is the major dispute in ending abortion. Why? Abolition is absolutely ending an evil. […]

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Single Issue Voting for Prolifers?

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A Controversial Ruling: Now What?

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URGENT UPDATE! Saeed Abedini, American imprisoned in Iran ‪#‎savesaeed‬ ‪#‎freesaeed‬

Urgent prayers needed!!!!!!!!



(Voice of the Persecuted) URGENT UPDATE: The family of Pastor Saeed Abedini is asking us to PRAY!
This evening an Iranian news outlet reported that Iran’s Intelligence police took Saeed to the Central Intelligence Office at 9:30 am, Iranian time, which would be 18 hours ago.

The family is not aware of his location or why they have taken him there. They are believing God for a miracle, and Saeed’s release. Please join us and the Abedini family in praying that they are meeting with him to discuss his release.
The family thanks you and very grateful for your continued prayers and support!!

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Dollars for Missionaries! – Gospel for Asia

These missionaries I’m seeking to raise funds deserve your support. Unlike Western missionaries, they themselves are poor and are likely to know the language of the people they want to reach. These native missionaries face the constant threat of persecution from those who would silence them. Yet they have a passion for the cause of Christ that keeps them going. The people they long to reach have usually not heard the Gospel or the Name of Jesus. The families of these missionaries usually are often poor and these missionaries often must face periods of separation from their failies. All donation $$$ go directly to the field to equip these missionaries until they find regular sponsors for themselves. If you agree that everyone needs to hear the Gospel and and you want to be part of what God is doing through these selfless missionaries, I call on you to consider a generous gift. No amount is too small or too big to help!

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